Duffy Kennedy proudly associated with award-winning Sydney CBD development

Leading construction company Duffy Kennedy Constructions is delighted that its client Mosaic Tower in Sydney CBD has won two prestigious 2020 World Architecture Awards.

The recently-completed Sussex Street tower is a commercial and residential complex located in a rapidly changing part of the city.

The project architect Tony Owen recently won two awards for the building’s unique design that includes a mosaic of angled windows designed to maximise light into the tenancy. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, Mosaic Tower catches light and sun from every possible angle, making it one of Australia’s most unique buildings while minimising environmental impacts. The two awards were for “facade in architecture” and “glass in architecture”.

According to CEO of Duffy Kennedy Gavin Duffy, the project’s construction company, the project presented some unique challenges in the building phase:

“We were very excited to be part of the team that has produced such a unique structure and final outcome,” Gavin said.

“While a fairly complex job, particularly the different materials used in the project, Duffy Kennedy worked closely with the architects and building owner to achieve an outstanding result,” he said.

“It’s very rewarding to be involved in such a unique project in Sydney’s CBD, particularly at a time when commercial and residential tenants are demanding the best available. Mosaic Tower well and truly delivers that!”

“With the use of high quality materials and finishes according to the architect and designer’s specification, we believe this is one of the best quality outcomes that Duffy Kennedy has been involved with in its 27 years in business.”

“Located in a fast-developing precinct of the City of Sydney, Mosaic Tower will become a classic CBD building which others will use as a benchmark. We were fortunate to have a client who wants the best and believe that this project achieves that. The two prestigious World Architecture awards reflect that.” Gavin concluded.

For more information on Mosaic Tower please see : https://www.kaztower.com.au/