Glenfield Park Schools

The project involves the provision of new teaching facilities at the Glenfield Park, Campbell House and Ajuga Public Schools, located on a common plot bordered by Roy Watts Rd and Quarter Sessions Rd in the Western Sydney suburb of Glenfield. The schools are “Schools for Specific Purposes”.  The property is owned by the Department of Education and comprises a small cluster of single storey buildings for each school with shared infrastructure and external facilities including playgrounds, pathways, driveways, carparking and a swimming pool. New single storey buildings will be constructed within each cluster providing 21 additional new classrooms in total.  A new perimeter fence with security gates will also be constructed along the boundaries.

The project scope includes the following key components:

  • Demolition of several existing buildings
  • Construction of three (3) new single storey Teaching Buildings (one per school) with General Learning Area, Breakout rooms, external Practical Activities and Outdoor Learning Areas
  • Construction of new Multipurpose Hall (shared facility) with amenities, Fitness Centre and Covered Walkway
  • Construction of new Amenities for the outdoor pool
  • Construction of new Tractor Shed
  • Extensive landscaping and coloured concrete pavements
  • Existing road resurfacing work and carpark extensions
  • Construction of new Covered Walkways linking the existing schools

Value: $20 million
Location: Glenfield
Client: School Infrastructure NSW
Contract Details: Design and Construct
Completion Date: Term 1 2021